People who come to Perkins Counseling & Psychological Services want confidential, personal and highly professional services in a safe and comfortable environment.  Finding the right fit with a psychologist is extremely important.  To help facilitate this, a free twenty-minute phone consultation is offered so you have the opportunity to tell your story, ask questions and get to know our approach and how we might work together.

Why do people come for help?

  • To improve their emotional well-being
  • To change negative behaviors
  • To discover insights into how their past affects their present relationships
  • To discover why they are struggling with school or work and what to do about it
  • To lead better lives

At Perkins Counseling and Psychological Services, we seek to renew hope for the future.

To schedule an appointment at Perkins Counseling & Psychological Services, please call the office at 919.263.9592. Thank you!


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Contact Info

Fax 919-263-9670

10520 Ligon Mill Road, Suite 108
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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  • How does Therapy Work? -NCPA


    “How does therapy work?
    Therapy works by helping you look objectively at behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in situations which you find problematic. It helps you to learn more effective ways to deal with those situations.
    Therapy is a collaborative effort. You and your psychologist will identify your goals – what you want to have happen – and agree on how you’ll know when you are making progress. Your psychologist will talk with you about the length of time it may take to help you see changes.
    Progress and change can happen. Nine out of ten Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports said that psychotherapy had helped them. And, in another recent major national study, half of the clients studied were making improvement after eight sessions of therapy, 75% after six months of therapy.” -NC Psychological Association

    See how Perkins CPS can best serve you by going to the website: www.perkinscps.com


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